Sunblock! The company that blocks the sun while unblocking your creative solutions for bringings comfort and personality to your space

Professional Umbrellas - Shading Systems Sunblock

Sunblock composes, produces, markets and supplies the entire range of shading solutions, including umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, aluminum partitions, tarpaulin fabricsas well as custom-designing applications for specific shading in homes and businesses.

Since 1980, Sunblock has developed partnerships with leading companies and manufacturers, working from its own private factory, to understand your requirements and provide you with the most technologically advanced systems. We offer flexibility and style, comfort and easy-to-operate systems, with the highest standard of beauty, quality and durability.

Methodology and Philosophy

Professional Umbrellas - Partition Systems - Shading Systems Sunblock

The philosophy of Sunblock is to balance technical excellence, engineering innovation, quality durability, aesthetic brilliance and, of course, affordability. Our ultimate goal is to undertake projects responsibly and, through excellent results, build enduring relationships with our clients. To support this methodology, we rely on daily effort, constant research on new methods and training on developments in the field. Because Sunblock creates awnings that can withstand the environment of today, we create life solutions that can stand the test of time.