Bistro Fall Partitions

Bistro Fall

Moveable tilted dividers

The BISTRO FALL system includes the open and closed types. The BISTRO FALL systems are a completely flexible choice for full coverage of your area. It is a heavy-duty system, suitable for permanent residence, easily opened and closed with a simple gesture, and serving all year round.

Choosing BISTRO FALL ensures:

Aesthetics, thanks to the great line of aluminum, manufactured exclusively by Sunblock molds

Distinctive appearance, with delicate finish and hidden mechanisms

High resistance and safety, thanks to high-quality aluminum and security glass

Ability to choose your preferred color and grain

Closed Type Partition 
Closed Type Dividers Bistro Fall - Sunblock

Open Type Partition Open Type Dividers Bistro Fall - Sunblock

Bistro Fall Partitions

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    Bistro Fall Partitions
    Bistro Fall Partitions - Shading Systems Sunblock
    Bistro Fall Partitions - Sunblock